Magerack Standoff L Bracket provides easy and effective roof attachment solution for instillation on any roof types, especially new roof or area with high wind or topographic requirement. Standoff and L Bracket are made of aluminum alloy, and bolt and lock washer are made of 304 stainless steel.

The slot on L bracket through which a fastener is attached to rail is for up to 3/8" bolt and is compatible with rails made by all other manufacturers. 


  • Strong
  • L bracket is included



  • One (1) standoff (6” tall)
  • One (1) L bracket (3.5" tall)


Extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6


Clear anodized

Ultimate Tensile:

38 ksi


35 ksi


Use anti-seize and tighten to 12 lb-ft of torque

Roof attachment:

Use two stainless steel 5/16” lag bolts or 5/16” through bolts


Loads are given for the standoff to beam connection only; be sure to check load limits for standoff, lag screw, or other attachment method.


P.E. certified and Class ‘A’ Fire Rating

Technical Datasheet:

Click here to download technical datasheet.

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Standoff 6" with L Bracket

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