MageBracket RH or RL Rail-less End Clamp and Mid Clamp Mounting Kits are for solar installation on R-panel trapezoidal metal roof. The mid or end clamp mounting kit can be used to install solar panel directly on R-panel trapezoidal metal roof without using any rails.

It has angle-adjustable brackets that can rotate to fit most of the R-panel trapezoidal metal roofs. RH fits the rib on most commercial trapezoidal metal roofs. RL fits slightly lower rib on residential and commercial trapezoidal metal roofs. Use the fitting template from the listing pictures to measure and determine which bracket fits your metal roof.

End clamp and self-bonding mid clamp fit any solar panels with frame thickness of 33 mm - 40 mm. If your frame thickness is less than 33 mm or more than 40 mm, we also have corresponding mid and end clamps for such frame. Please send us a message to request such mid and end clamps after purchase.

MageBracket mid and end mounting kits are made of aluminum alloy with EPDM rubber gasket seal. Bolt is made of stainless steel. Self-drilling screws are made of carbon steel sealed with corrosion-resistant coating.

Each order comes with specified sets of MageBracket RH or RL Mid or End Clamp Mounting Kits. Mid clamp also includes bonding clip.

Each set comes with one MageBracket RH or RL bracket with four 1/4" x 14 mm self-drilling roofing screws, and one mid or end clamp.


  • Fit most common R-panel trapezoidal metal roofs
  • Fit all framed solar modules
  • Lower cost and reduced installation time
  • Aluminum alloy with stainless hardware

Product Information:

Click here to download technical datasheet.

Click here to download fitting template.

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MageBracket RH Mid Clamp Mounting Kit

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